5 Awesome Things to do Near Chicago’s Waldorf Astoria

5 Awesome Things to do Near Chicago's Waldorf Astoria

Staying at the glamorous Waldorf Astoria hotel in Chicago?

You’ll probably want to enhance your holiday by going to interesting places nearby, before retreating to your luxurious room or making use of the many luxurious hotel facilities. 

Where is the Waldorf Astoria situated?

This five-star hotel is on Chicago’s Gold Coast, close to lots of shops and restaurants. There are buses and trains you can catch nearby, or you can make use of the hotel’s private ride to reach your destination if it’s within two miles.

There are lots to see near the Chicago Waldorf Astoria, so make your stay even more memorable by having an amazing time in the city – without having to go far.

Here’s a rundown of five of the best things you can do in the area.

Have Dinner At A Polish Restaurant

Staropolska Restaurant

If you know Chicago, you’ll know the city is home to lots of Polish restaurants.

If you’ve never tried Polish cuisine, now’s the time.

The Waldorf Astoria boasts French-inspired cuisine at its prestigious restaurant, but nearby you’ll find a handful of interesting Polish restaurants worth checking out if you feel like something a little different.

A must-try is a rustic venue Staropolska Restaurant, which has been called one of the best Polish restaurants outside of Poland, and it’s only 13 minutes away from the hotel.

It’s a nice breath of fresh air if you’re in the mood for something more ethnic to treat your taste buds. Make sure you try the potato pancakes!

Great food aside, the restaurant is glamorous while also being rustic, which is the perfect blend to make you feel comfortable.

In addition, people have raved about how the food doesn’t cost a lot of money, so that’s a bonus.  

Visit Millennium Park

Chicagos Millenium Park

If you know the exciting city of Chicago, you’ll know that it’s renowned for its exquisite architecture.

Millennium Park is known as the heart of Chicago and it’s a must-see because it combines architecture with technology.

Make sure you have a quick splash in the interactive Crown Fountain!

This marvel is created out of black granite that’s placed between two 50-foot glass brick towers which use LEDs to display digital videos.

The Millennium Park also has other hotspots worth checking out.

You can rock climb at Maggie Daley Park and go chill in Lurie Garden that’s a slice of nature in the middle of the city.

It’s got benches, birdlife, and a five-foot-wide canal.

If you love shows, go to the Jay Pritzker Pavilion because you’ll get more than music. A stainless-steel canopy floats overhead with its billowing curves.

This artistic structure creates shadows over the lawn, creating what Choose Chicago calls a hypnotic experience.

Spend Time In The Michigan Mile

Chicagos Magnificent Mile

Located right next to the Waldorf Astoria, the Magnificent Mile is the go-to area in the city for travelers.

Here you’ll find lots of big-name shops where you can purchase gifts for yourself or loved ones, such as Nordstrom, Marshalls, Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s, to mention a few.

You’ll also be able to indulge in top brands, such as Chanel, Bulgari, and Harry Winston.

If you get hungry after a good bout of shopping, there are restaurants and candy shops to try, as well as some magnificent sights, such as the 360 Chicago observation deck.

Situated on the 94th floor of the John Hancock Center, this deck gives you amazing views of the city’s skyline and lakefront.

Take a 40-second ride up to the observation deck and enjoy TILT if you dare, an enclosed steel and glass platform that tilts 1,000 feet over the Magnificent Mile.

It can hold eight people at a time, but it’s certainly not for faint-hearted travelers!

The Field Museum

Chicagos Field Museum

Just a 14-minute drive from the Waldorf Astoria Chicago you’ll find this exciting museum.

It’s one of the biggest museums in the world, focused on natural history.

Here you’ll get to see exhibits that feature over four billion years of natural history, taken from the prehistoric era to ancient Egypt and more.

There’s also lots of fun to be had.

Case in point: the first thing you’ll see when you walk inside the museum is Titanosaur Máximo, the largest dinosaur in history.

This model has been made from fossil bones excavated in Argentina. It’s 28 feet tall and 122 feet wide on the main floor of the Stanley Field Hall, as the Field Museum website reports.

That in itself makes visiting this museum a must. In addition, there’s a 3D theater so you can see the museum exhibits come to life.

The Mariano Plaza

Chicagos Mariano Plaza

This charming triangular public park, less than a mile away from the Waldorf Astoria, is situated at the intersection of State and Rush street in the Gold Coast.

It’s a what-you-see-is-what-you-get location that doesn’t disappoint with its simplicity.

And sometimes, that’s really all you need to help you relax and take in the vibrant city and its people that are bustling around you.

Sit at a table underneath a bright yellow umbrella and do some people-watching.

Or, enjoy the cooling fountain and flower beds that decorate the tall trees.

Some have said this spot is a slice of Italy, so get some ice cream at the ice cream shop and take a break between all the sightseeing to have a bit of a breather.

There are lots of bars and restaurants in close proximity, so if you want something more substantial than ice cream, you won’t go hungry.

But, as with many locations in Chicago, take a deeper look and you’ll see there’s a story to be discovered.

This triangular park was designed with Prairie School architecture when it was built in 1895 and then renovated in 1979.

There are some eye-catching details, such as the park plaque commemorating the 50th mayor of Chicago, Jane Byrne.  

Related Questions

What can you do in Chicago for little to no money?

Go visit the museums and cultural centers for a minimal fee. Visit the Lincoln Park Zoo, or walk along the Lakefront Trail.

There are loads to see in this vibrant city, and you don’t need a lot of money to enjoy it.

When is the best time of year to visit Chicago?

If you’re looking for great weather, visit the city in late spring, early summer, or early fall – in other words, the best months are May, June, September, and October, because temperatures are lovely and mild, as Santorini Dave reports.


There’s so much to see when you’re staying at the Waldorf Astoria Chicago, thanks to all the fabulous amenities and features that the hotel has to offer.

But outside of the hotel, there’s a hub of activity and fun events not to miss.

When you step out of the hotel’s charming Parisian entryway and into the vibrant city of Chicago, you’ll see that it’s perfectly situated with lots of great attractions a mere stone’s throw away from the hotel.

Whether you want to try interesting cuisine before visiting a 3D museum or catch up on brand-name shopping, there are lots to do and no time to waste so make the most of it – and make wonderful memories in the process.

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