Yachts And Sailing In The San Juan

Yachts And Sailing In The San Juan

If you’re going to be visiting San Juan in Puerto Rico, make sure you take advantage of the sailing opportunities and activities that are on offer.

This part of the world boasts a rich history and is known for its harbors.

What’s special about San Juan sailing?

The city of San Juan is known as “The Walled City” and it’s one of the largest natural harbors in the Caribbean, Welcome to Puerto Rico reports.

There’s a rich sailing history in Puerto Rico, which actually means “Rich Port!”

With that in mind, let’s look at some of the most important information you need to be able to sail in San Juan, starting with some of the best sailing tours.

Yachts And Sailing In The San Juan City

San Juan is the perfect place to nurture your sailing bug.

Here, you’ll find three large marinas and various sailing clubs, as well as sailing tours.

  • Sailing Tour: Sailing Old San Juan
tour of old san juan

With over 90 percent of their sailing tours taking place on San Juan bay where the water is calm, booking a private day charter ($250; up to six people) will take you on a two-hour sailing adventure that takes place on a racing boat.

You can also choose from other tours, such as the Sunset Sail ($75 per person), which is the perfect way to enjoy sundowners at the end of a relaxing day. Yes, complimentary beverages are included.

  • Sailing Tour: San Juan Bay
moonlite ride

Sailboat rides with Sail San Juan Bay take place in a racing boat that offers a private adventure for a maximum of six people.

One of their most exciting boat rides is one called the “Moonlit Ride” which takes place at night. It’s exciting to be able to see the gorgeous historical icons of San Juan by moonlight. The tour lasts two hours.

People who have reviewed the boat rides have said that the captain is very knowledgeable, further adding to the adventure.

Explore The Best Yacht Clubs

marine with docks in san juan
  • San Juan Island Yacht Club

This yacht club welcomes members with boats, but possession of one isn’t required for membership.

The yacht club is focused on socialising, but volunteers will lead many cruises every year to a variety of destinations, such as the Gulf islands.

It’s a great way to be able to cruise to different locations with the support of boaters who have experience. You can apply for membership on the San Juan Island Yacht Club website.

  • Club Náutico de San Juan

Located at the end of the San Antonio Channel, this club is one of the best reviewed in the area, with people saying that it’s easy to get in and out for a day sail. In addition to sailing, this private club is a great location for meetings or just enjoying the spectacular views.

Fun In The Sun And Sea 

fun in the san juan bay

If you just want to have a bit of fun in the water without anything too serious, you should visit San Juan Water Fun.

  • Located on Isla Verde beach, this place enables you to rent a banana boat that can hold you and up to seven of your friends, or a kayak. You can expect to pay $15 for a 20-minute ride on the banana boat and $30 per hour for the two-seater kayak, as Frommer’s reports.
  • Another idea is to rent and drive your own jet ski as you learn about historical places, such as the El Morro Fort as well as other locations. You can hire a 9-ft jet ski that accommodates two people for $149 per hour, courtesy of Get My Boat. You’ll also have an instructor with you who’ll guide you the whole way.

Related Questions

When is the best time to sail in San Juan?

sail boat by the san juan old town

The best time to sail is from November and May.

This is because you should avoid sailing during the summertime, due to how hot the weather gets as well as how it’s vulnerable to tropical storms.

During the winter, the winds are softer, and won’t reach more than 20 knots.

Who governs Puerto Rico’s waters?

Puerto Rico water is under the governance of the U.S.

In addition, the U.S. Coast Guard is often present there, with a station of theirs located in San Juan Bay, as Sail Old San Juan reports.


If you’re interested in sailing in San Juan, you have a lot of different options available to you, whether that involves joining a yacht club or renting out a speedboat for a fun adventure.

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